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Weed Mail Order is a premium Cannabis online dispensary driven by products quality.

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We offer Express delivery  on a  large diversity of Recreational or pharmaceutical Cannabis.

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We are proud to present the best medical cannabis grown in the beautiful British Columbia.


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You’ve landed at the digital doorstep of the Best Online Dispensary in Canada. This is where you can buy Sativa and shatter online, choose from the best indica strains or just the best weed for sleeplessness and stress, find THC concentrate for sale, pick up some cannabis strain… We take pride in our prompt delivery, top-notch customer assistance, and of course, high-quality products, so what are you waiting for? Buy Weed Online and get it shipped pretty much anywhere in Canada!


Buy the Best Weed Products & Extracts in Canada. Order your Medical and recreative Marijuana or CBD online today!

    For every order over $199, get the world’s best weed presented right to your doorstep! There isn’t a better time to shop for weed online
    We’re greatly picky about product quality & our selection is continually being refined & is comprised of the most exquisite buds known to humankind.
    We pride ourselves in providing outstanding support and we’re the only Canadian dispensary offering devoted 24/7 chat support to our valued customers.
  • 100% Privacy
    The customer is our topmost priority, & we work hard to make sure that your privacy is never compromised.
Order Weed Online | Canada Cannabis for Sale www.weedmailorder.ca

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Weed Mail Order has an unlimited amount of strains to help handle all medical situations, such as stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, loss of appetite muscular dystrophy, hypertension, insomnia, migraines the list goes on. Even better, our cannabis dispensary offers the most economical prices online, guaranteed

Express delivery Canada Post

FREE Express Delivery on every purchase of $200 +

Order Weed Online | Canada Cannabis for Sale www.weedmailorder.ca

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Order Weed Online

What our customer says

Perfectly cured tight buds. Trimmed very well. And the aroma makes you want to eat the buds. Smokes so nice. Love this one.


The number one factor here is that this strain has a very low if any, anxiety contributor. To be honest its the best I have ever felt after smoking a Sativa strain, hands down. The only issue is they cant kept in stock. Happy smoking people.

Patricia James

I bought peaches and cream it was really good will more then likely buy again great taste nice smell great fucking sleep. win, win.

Steven Rashford

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